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Perhaps you have seen the many images of celebrities with natural, plump looking lips. Maybe someone you know has had their lips filled but have wondered what the benefits are? If you are considering dermal filler like Juvederm Volbella for your lips, it is important that you understand the benefits so that you can understand just what it can offer you.

Plump lips instantly
If you feel as though your lips need plumping, the dermal filler will give them an instant fullness. The results are instant and that means that it can transform your appearance form the moment the procedure is completed.
The procedure is quick and only takes around 20 minutes and that means that you can carry on with your day with minimal disruption.

They last
You might be wondering how long dermal fillers for your lips last, if so, you will be amazed to know that they can last for anything from six to eighteen months. Throughout this time, your lips will be smooth and plump but it is important to remember that the effect and volume of the lips do depend on you as an individual.

They give a natural appearance
The great thing about dermal fillers is that they really can enhance your appearance to the point where it looks natural. It can help to enhance your features and leave you feeling beautiful and radiant. They will also help to preserve the moisture on your lips while also complementing your skin tone while improving the shape, structure and volume. All of which will look completely natural.

There is no swelling
Unlike past treatment, technology has advanced considerably and that means that the procedure can now be carried out using the correct technology ( Rupesh uses blunt Cannula ) and the highest quality dermal filler ( Juvederm Volbella ). Therefore, the using the most advanced technology, it is possible to enhance your lips without having to experience any potential swelling that was often common with past treatments.
The procedure uses natural ingredients and so, they are safe for the body and that means that they interact in a natural way. All of this helps to give you lips that are full and luscious.

Gives you volume control
The great thing about dermal fillers for your lips is that it gives you complete control over how full your lips look. This enables you to go for the volume that not only enhances your appearance but also helps to make you feel confident inside and out. This non-invasive procedure is simple and effective and should you want to increase the volume, it can be done with a further procedure. By having your lips treated in a controlled environment, you can manage how plump your lips really are.

Reduced risk of allergy
For any procedure such as this, it is important that you understand that there is little risk of an allergic reaction. However, because the fillers are made using substances that are similar to those found in the body it means that they are unlikely to result in an allergic reaction. Despite this, it is always worth checking beforehand and Rupesh will explain to you at the consultation.

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