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How We Do It Differently & Better at Harley Street!
Bear in mind that anyone can inject you with a Dermal Filler and create bigger lips. However, bigger lips alone are not necessarily sensuous lips. Sensuous lips need shape, definition and proportion – not just volume – and this only comes about from a sense of artistry on the part of the practitioner injecting you.

Rupesh's special technique uses an ultra-fine cannula to inject the filler, NOT a sharp needle.

This cannula technique:
Avoids bruising
Delivers a more uniform and smoother lip augmentation at Harley Street, not the “lumpy lips” when a needle is used.
Moreover, we approach Lip Augmentation artistically and customise each person’s procedure according to their lip’s requirements.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes and is performed painlessly under local anaesthetic nerve block similar to that used by dentists. During the treatment Rupesh will invite your input so that you can decide exactly how full you would like your lips to be.

How Does It Look Immediately Afterwards Lip Injections at Harley Street?
Mild and temporary and swelling of the lips is usual for the first 48-72 hours as the Dermal Filler is ‘hydrophilic’ i.e. it attracts water to itself from the surrounding tissues. After 48-72 hours, this swelling disappears and the volume of the lips settles back to that created by the Juvederm Volbella Dermal Filler alone.

You should have NO or LESS BRUISING with our cannula technique!

How Long Does It Last?
Lip Augmentation at Harley Street can last up 12 months or longer depending on your body. A top-up can be done at any time if desired.

Dermal Fillers is a huge growth industry.  As such, more and more doctors and an increasing number of nurses are entering the field.  So, before you decide who will inject your lips, consider the following:

1. The Experience of the Injecting Practitioner is Paramount: Anyone can inject a filler into your lips but it’s knowledge, experience and a sense of artistry on the part of the practitioner as to how much and exactly where the filler needs to be deposited to get the best result.  Don’t be afraid to ask how long he/she has been injecting lips.

2. An Increasing Number Of Clinics Are Employing other professionals to Inject Dermal Fillers. However, at our clinic only Rupesh will consult and inject.

3. Making Your Treatments More Comfortable: Without a Local Anaesthetic Block, your treatment could prove quite painful.  Some practitioners apply EMLA cream as an alternative to a ‘block’ but it’s never as effective.

4. We Don’t Use Needles for Lip Augmentations: Instead, we use our special Cannula Technique because it virtually eliminates the risk of bruising and the “lumpy lips” that often result when a SHARP NEEDLE is used.

5. Don’t Choose Purely on Price and end up going for the cheapest quote.  Experienced practitioners may charge slightly more but this is usually reflective of their skill and experience.  And it is skill and experience that sets one result apart from another!  Furthermore, be very wary about cheap injectable ‘deals’ as they may reflect a product not approved by MHRA and therefore unsafe.

Remember, YOU are the consumer, YOU are spending your hard-earned money and you deserve the highest professional standards and the best possible results for your money.  Don’t accept anything less!

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