Juvederm Volbella or Volift: What is right Dermal Filler for my LIPS ?

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

There is no right or wrong filler for your Lips. Volbella is a perfect product for treating lip lines as it is highly mouldable and a very smooth product which if you are wanting to soften and smooth out lines without adding too much volume to the area.

Do Juvederm Volbella & Volift fillers work on vertical lines as well as adding volume?
Volbella is perfect for  the perioral lines around the mouth and also with its smooth texture offers hydration and a very natural result in the lips themselves. It would be a perfect choice for anyone who may be a little anxious about having their lips done. Also if the main concern is the lines around the mouth, and we have corrected these and still have some product left, the lips are often the ideal place to use this.

Volift is also smooth, but as the name suggests, offers more lift, and this is a lovely product to use in the lips. 

Of course a combination of products can be used, for example some Volbella to treat the lines and Volift in the lips, or to lift the down-turned corners of the mouth.

What are the ideal lip proportions when correcting lips with filler, should the upper lip be smaller than the lower lip and why?
When it comes to physical attractiveness we know it relates to symmetry and proportion, and we talk about the golden ratio of Phi (1.618).
In a nutshell, the perfect lip proportions are 1/3 upper lip 2/3 lower lip, so yes the upper lip is meant to be smaller than the lower.
Lip treatments are not all about volume, but also the detail. I always think, what will make this person’s lips more beautiful?What do the lips need? Is it the lines around that need addressing, is it to prevent lipstick bleeding or define the outline of the lips, is it volume or is it to correct an asymmetry. No two lip treatments are the same.
Patients often think it is just the top lip they want to treat, but if their lips are naturally in good proportion, if we only treat the top lip, they will look “top lip heavy” which is not what we want. It is also not just about the balance and proportions of the lips themselves but also the lips with the individual’s face. For example, Angelina Jollie may suit her lips, but put those lips on a lot of faces and they would look very wrong. Lips also need to be age appropriate. A younger person may want sexy kissable looking lips, whereas this would not usually be the goal of someone in their eighties, who just wants to stop their lipstick bleeding.

Complications or downtime
These newer generation fillers are formulated in a way that minimise swelling, however with any filler treatment there is always a possibility of a small amount of swelling or bruising for some patients. Most patients return to work or usual daily activities immediately. At a consultation we always discuss possible side effects and also ways to prevent these e.g. avoiding fish oils or anti-inflammatories for ten days prior.

What is one way to prevent vertical lines around the lip area?
To minimise pursing of the lips, which of course is difficult as we do have to eat and talk. Continuous muscle movement and pursing wears away the skin’s collagen support structure, causing lines, so things such as smoking and drinking out of sipper bottles or using straws will accelerate this process.

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