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While the wrinkle-reducing miracle is great for smoothing fine lines and the early signs of aging, Botox is actually capable of doing a whole lot more!

1. Botox can narrow a wide jaw – A slight over growth of the masseter muscle can result in a wide jawline, that looks more masculine and sharp than some desire. The use of Botox to shrink the masseter muscle first began in Asia. This technique is now booming in popularity, using Botox to relax the masseter muscle, easing the jawline for a softer appearance. This result is a thinner jawline and a more sculpted appearance.

2. Botox injections will help minimize a gummy smile – Does your smile show more than just your pearly whites? Some people have what is called a “Gummy Smile”, with a large portion of their gums showing during a big grin. Well-placed Botox can keep your upper lip from raising so high the gums show. This creates a lovely, picture-perfect smile, showing off just the right proportion of teeth and gums.

3. Botox will lift your smile – As facial tissues age, they lose their perky elasticity and begin to droop. These changes can make the appearance look grumpy or angry, especially when the sagging tissue pulls the corners of the mouth downward. A few units of Botox Cosmetic, injected into the Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) muscle, will prevent the muscle from dragging down the corners of your mouth, lifting your smile and brightening your appearance.

4. Botox will eliminate those bunny lines – The vertical creases that can appear along the top of your nose, every time you squint, are referred to as Bunny Lines. Caused by years of scrunching your eyes and wrinkling the nose, these sweet-sounding wrinkles are not welcome a welcome sight. However, with just a small amount of Botox injected between the brows, Bunny Lines will fade away for up to three to four months.
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